General Public

The following services are available for ordinary people who are not members of the State of Georgia government.

Building, Land & Lease Inventory of Property (BLLIP)
An interactive web-based geographical information system. Users are able to query, search and prepare reports using real time information about State owned and leased properties and buildings as well as other assets.


Prospective Landlords

Multi-Year Lease Procurements
Solicitations for space to be leased for a term in excess of one year. SPC will issue an RFP that formally seeks competitive proposals from interested landlords to provide administrative space that meets SPC and Agency requirements. SPC will use a combination of objective and subjective criteria to evaluate proposals that offer the most advantageous lease terms.

Construction Standards for Leased Properties
A general guideline in order to establish construction pricing and an accurate construction budget for state agencies with and without a set Agency Design Standard.


Prospective Purchasers

Property for Sale or Lease/Invitations to Bid
When state-owned property that is available for sale or lease is disposed of utilizing the Invitation to Bid process.


State Conservation Easement: Qualified Donation Appraisal Review
The purpose of the review is to ensure both the Georgia Tax Credit and any amount allowed to be deducted in arriving at Georgia taxable income.