Agency Leasing Coordinators

The following services are available for Designated Entity or Sub-Entity representatives responsible for interfacing with SPC Leasing Division Team on all Annual and Multi-Year Leasing Transactions.

Building, Land & Lease Inventory of Property (BLLIP)
An interactive web-based geographical information system. Users are able to query, search and prepare reports using real time information about State owned and leased properties and buildings as well as other assets.

Download this pdf file. Construction Standards for Leased Space
A general guideline in order to establish construction pricing and an accurate construction budget for state agencies with and without a set Agency Design Standard.

Facility Check List
Form used by tenants to provide information regarding the issue(s) experienced with a leased facility.

Download this pdf file. Leasing Specialist and Contract Broker Agency Assignments
The State's leased real estate portfolio is divided between the SPC Leasing Specialists and the contract broker teams. One Leasing Specialist or broker team will serve as the Agency's lead contact, with a Leasing Specialist or broker team serving as support.

Real Estate Management Advisory Team (REMAT) Meetings
Meetings held quarterly between SPC and State Agencies for a collaborative discussion of Land, Space and Lease Transactions.

Space Management Forms
Forms used by State Agencies to make space requests to SPC.

State Fire Marshal
Responsibility for executing the law to the Commissioner of Insurance for fire safety in public buildings. The responsibilities of the Fire Marshal’s Office fall into five main categories: building inspection, manufactured housing inspection, engineering, hazardous materials inspections, and licensing.