Facility Check List

Agencies are encouraged to use the Facility Checklist on a regular basis to create and maintain an ongoing record of facility condition and maintenance.  Completing and submitting the Facility Checklist will simplify the interactions between facilities managers, SPC, and landlords.  It also enables Agency facility managers to submit, track progress of and view details of facilities issues in leased buildings.

Leased Facility Issues:

SPC can assist tenants who are experiencing difficulty either determining responsibility for certain property issues or getting proper attention paid to these issues. As problems with a leased facility or a landlord arise, SPC recommends two courses of action.  The first step the Agency should take in resolving facility issues would be to attempt to have the problem taken care of by notifying the Landlord verbally at least once, and in writing at least once, using the Problem Letter provided below. Please be sure to document all communications with the Landlord or their property manager.

If no action is taken by the Landlord to rectify the problem after the Agency has sent a Problem Letter describing the issue in detail, the second course of action would be for the Agency to complete and submit the Facility Checklist Form and a Space Action Form (SAF) to SPC, along with any supporting information or material (a copy of the problem letter to the landlord, photos of the problem affecting the premises, emails to the landlord, etc.), in a timely manner in order for SPC to address the issue with the Landlord directly.

The Facility Checklist must be used by State agencies to provide information to SPC regarding the unresolved issue(s) experienced with a leased facility. Remember to attach any letters, photos or documentation chronicling these issues to the checklist.