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The State Properties Commission provides services in the area of information, property acquisition and disposition, and leasing primarily to State entities.

Services consist of real property inventory information, and guidance and information as to the duties of the State Properties Commission. SPC is responsible for the State’s inventory of all facilities and property, owned and leased. This compilation of 1700 leases, 15,000 buildings and 1.1 million acres is readily accessible on the BLLIP database at Users are able to query by a number of factors, including location, State entity, square footage and use, among others. Individual deeds and plats can also be downloaded and printed.

Entities are able to update their information at any time in the Building database and to inform SPC of any changes in the leasing and/or property databases. Within the coming year, BLLIP will also serve as the repository for all information required by DOAS Risk Management for State insurance purposes.

The State Properties Commission assists county and local governments when they have questions concerning the ownership, custody or location of State property in their jurisdictions. The ability to research this information in a timely manner is greatly enhanced by BLLIP, which is available to any user.

The minutes and by-laws of the SPC are also available to the public to provide a greater understanding of the Commission’s actions as stewards of the citizens of Georgia’s real property assets.