Space Management Division FAQ

  • How can an agency submit a request for new or additional leased space?

    Each State entity must submit a request for new leased space via SPC’s Real Estate and Asset Communication Hub (REACH). An agency must have an active account in REACH in order to submit new leased space requests. The information provided by the State entity in REACH will aid SPC’s Space Management Division in the development of a space program and guide the Leasing Division in its search for available space. Although each request begins with Space Management, agency lease coordinators are encouraged to initially discuss their leased space needs with their assigned Leasing Specialist.

  • What is REACH (Real Estate and Asset Communication Hub)?

    REACH is a web-based system that allows for the sharing and tracking of transaction related information between SPC and its customer agencies. The system is designed to be more efficient than current processes by eliminating the use of paper forms and providing real time access to the status of any transaction request. In its full version, REACH will be the primary communication tool between SPC and its customer agencies for both Leasing and Land transaction requests. At present, the only portion of REACH currently available is for agencies seeking “New” leased space.

  • How do I obtain a REACH account?

    If you do not have an active account in REACH, please complete and submit an Agency Agreement-Request for Access to REACH form. Once the form has been completed and signed by the Entity/Sub-Entity Head email the form(s) to Andre’ Elam at [email protected]. Please be aware, once the completed Agency Agreement-Request for Access to REACH form is received by SPC, it may take up to 48 hours to activate a new REACH account.

  • What is a Space Utilization Program (SUP) and what information does it provide?

    The Space Utilization Program (SUP) is developed based on information provided by the agency regarding staffing needs, ancillary support (i.e. meeting rooms, training, conference areas, etc.) and will consider any special circumstances and/or adjacencies. Also used to create the SUP is an agency’s design guidelines and specifications. The SUP will provide the agency with a total usable square footage for the requested space which will maximizes efficiency and utilization. Once completed by Space Management, the SUP is sent to the requesting agency for review, clarification and approval. This level of approval ensures the program can best meet the needs of the requesting State entity.

  • What is the Lease Budget Summary (LBS)?

    The Lease Budget Summary (LBS) is a visual representation of the estimated costs associated with an agency’s request for space. It includes calculations based on the average market rate (AMR) for a particular city, FF&E estimates (workstations, case goods, other equipment), voice/data cabling costs and moving costs and other capital expenses (security, branding, audio visual, etc.). Agencies are encouraged to visit the State Procurement List and to talk to other agency staff to research such costs and to develop budgets to meet their needs.

  • What size should my workstation or agency office be?

    The size of an individual's workstation or office is determined by that person's function within the agency location. SPC's Space Management Division applies the Space Standards for each individual's function to determine the requisite office size.