Land Division FAQ

  • What type of property is the State Properties Commission (SPC) responsible for selling?
    Outside of a few exceptions, SPC facilitates the sale of the majority of property titled in the State of Georgia's ownership. General property types include office, institutional, vacant land, and industrial.
  • If I am interested in bidding on State-owned property for sale, what do I do?

    An Invitation to Bid (ITB) will be posted for each property under the "Property for Sale or Lease" section of our website. Download the ITB, which includes instructions on how to submit a bid and additional information about the property. Additionally at the above link, interested bidders can Subscribe to our Invitation to Bid Notification List to receive notification when property is posted for sale. SPC must follow the Invitation to Bid Process for the sale of property to the general public, which requires a sealed bid, so the sale cannot be negotiated directly with an interested party.

  • How is property advertised?

    We utilize multiple resources to market property for sale. In addition to listing property under the Property for Sale or Lease section of our website, we post a for sale sign at the property, post notices in the Fulton County and the property's local county newspapers (legal organ), and send an e-mail notification to subscribers of our Invitation to Bid Notification List, and utilize other online marketing resources.

  • How can I obtain a copy of a deed that is vesting in the State of Georgia?

    To obtain a copy of the State's vesting deed please visit the BLLIP website. If you have the SPC inventory Real Property Record number or SPC file number, enter that information and run the search. You can also run a search by County or by Agency.

    You can also obtain deed information from the Clerks Authority or the County Tax Assessor's site via Select the County you want to search and enter the appropriate information to locate any deed.

  • Does the State of Georgia purchase property from individual owners? If so, what are the procedures for consideration?

    Each custodial agency of the State (example: Georgia Department of Natural Resources) would determine the need and availability of funds for any acquisition under its custody. Please initiate your inquiry with the agency. If there is funding and a need, the agency will ask SPC staff to recommend to the State Properties Commission Board (chaired by the Governor) of such interest and need. Each case is handled individually.

  • How do I find out information about my property taxes?

    Please contact your local (county) tax assessor’s office as property taxes are handled locally by each county and not at the State level. The Georgia Department of Revenue has additional information related to property taxes.