Leased Facility Problem Inventory

The Leased Facility Problem Inventory feature of our website provides a place for State agencies who lease facilities from private landlords to register any property management issues they are experiencing with their facility. These issues or “problems” can be any of a myriad of issues from pests to deferred maintenance to leaky roofs. This system will allow SPC to keep track of these issues more efficiently and to ultimately provide better assistance to State agencies experiencing property management issues more.

SPC can often assist tenants who are experiencing difficulty either determining responsibility for certain property issues or getting proper attention paid to these issues. We ask that State agencies attempt to have the problem taken care of by notifying their landlords themselves verbally at least once and in writing at least once. If no action is taken to rectify the problem in response to these attempts then we ask that you register the issue in the Leased Facility Problem Inventory.

For an example of a Problem Letter please click on the link below.