Staff Directory

The State Properties Commission's Executive Director is Marty Smith. The Executive Administration team provides leadership and support to the Agency's ongoing strategic initiatives and operations.
Space Management Division

Space Management maximizes the utilization of space to create efficient work environments. SPC has developed space standards based on industry and public sector criteria to increase occupancy, decrease vacancy, improve the value of State owned and leased space and provide the most cost-efficient work space for State entities.

Leasing Division

The Leasing Division provides oversight for the State’s leased property portfolio. Services offered range from locating and procuring new leased locations to renewing or amending existing agreements as well as managing the State’s lease inventory. Lease administration tracks the contractual terms and conditions of lease agreements on behalf of the State entity clients.

Land Division

Acquisition and Disposition services include managing all aspects in acquiring land, facilities or other real property interest for ownership by the State and all activities required to market and sell land or buildings owned by the State.

Asset Management

Asset Management is the strategic function that manages the State’s real estate assets to provide the maximum value to the State.